On such a big milestone, why not

stand out in the crowds and express yourself?! 
It has been an honor to be part of so many clients'

special day and having them trust me with 

their visions. 


hi, graduates!
I am so excited that you are considering me to help make your graduation cap. A huge milestone calls for a graduation cap that has you standing out in the crowd of students. 

My prices for my graduation caps vary due to the complexity of the designs, how extravagant it may be, and other factors.
All graduation caps start off at a base rate of $55 and will build on top of that. 

Some have asked if I require the cap to design on. It is NOT a requirement, but I do prefer to have it in my hands to design on so that everything looks as flawless as can be! If, not I do require the dimensions of your cap. YES! I do SHIP to other cities and states!

All of my caps are designed on top of quality cardstock paper that will be securely placed on top of your graduation cap. I do not paint/letter/design directly on top of your caps for various reasons.

I know the question of "Do we need to pay a deposit?" always crosses everyone's mind. The answer is YES. I do need a non-refundable deposit of $40 that will go towards your order. But, I will be letting you know WHEN you would be sending in your deposit.

You will get sent a draft to approve. NO DRAFT WILL BE DONE WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. 
Orders are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you need your cap within a month, then your cap must be paid in FULL
Please, understand that your form submission does not GUARANTEE that you have a spot. Until I send you payment instructions and have given you confirmation that your order is set, please do not assume I am moving forward with your cap! 

If you have any questions after submitting your form, feel free to email me with them once I reply to your submissions!